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The all new "Starfinder" DG12A cast aluminium basket 100w 12 inch guitar speaker featuring extra high power anisotropic ferrite magnet, 2 inch voice coil and 20,000 gauss is painstakingly reproduced to the same specification as its predecessor, the "CRESCENDO"12A that was instrumental in producing that unique early Floyd sound.

rawson 10 sparfield starfinder chassis.j
Gaussing machine.jpg

This driver has been thoroughly researched in every detail possible and every component recreated to exacting standards, they are even magnetised on the machine that the original Fane company used back in the 60s and 70s.


Bass Resonance 70 hz   

Frequency Response  30hz to 16,000hz   

2 inch voice coil     

100 watts rms       

20,000 gauss


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