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The first in our range is the "STARFINDER" 4 x 12 plywood cabinet capable of 400 watts and built to the original specification from the 60s and 70s - this is the same specification as the cabinets often seen on stage with Gilmour / Floyd.


Our strong Starfinder woven grille cloth faithfully reproduces the pattern

of one of the 1970s off the shelf radio cloth distributors' speaker cloths used by WEM namely the one seen on most Floyd backline cabinets in use during the 1970s.


We use the same back panel socket configuration as in Gilmour’s 4x12 cabinets

Stephen McElroy,  current lead guitarist and an original member of the Australian Pink Floyd Show, has carefully chosen these cabinets for their 2019 onwards tour dates because they give him the distinctive sound and looks that he has been searching for.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show has now become one of the best known live concert experiences in the world today, after delivery of our 4x12 "Starfinder" cabinets to one of their rehearsals, Stephen McElroy is quoted as saying
“I had more of a fiddle with the Starfinders after you left, they are bloody lovely! Hats off to you Chris, you've created something very special indeed - sounds gorgeous for guitars.”

Aussie Floyd Logo.jpg

Incidentally, Nick Mason, of Pink Floyd and his new band Saucerful of Secrets,  on why he’s not performing "Comfortably Numb", said “Our feeling is we could never do it better than Roger (Waters) or David (Gilmour) or even The Australian Pink Floyd Show.”


To achieve the accuracy in their sell out shows, Stephen McElroy has chosen the Rawson Sparfield "Starfinder" 4x12 cabinets loaded with our new DG12A 100 watt loudspeakers.

aussie rawson cabs 3.jpg

Rawson Sparfield on tour in USA with The Australian Pink Floyd Show

The new Starfinder 4 x 12 from Rawson Sparfield loaded with cast chassis Starfinder speakers made to the spec of 1970s Crescendos and also here is the New Harry Joyce UK Custom 100 F2B running the cab - the Big D set up great Gilmour tones in 2 boxes


Our latest cabinet is the Rawson Sparfield 2 x12 Starfinder,  a birch ply 2 x 12 guitar cabinet loaded with two of our Starfinder DG12A chassis speakers power handling 200 watts RMS and can be supplied with 8 ohm or 16 ohm speakers resultant impedance being normally 8 ohm or 4 ohm.


Ideal for Gilmour/ Floyd guitar tones where our
4 x 12 cabinet is a bit too large for the job.

State whether 2 x 8ohm in series making 16 ohm cab, 2 x 16 ohm in parallel making 8 ohm cab or 2 x 8 ohm in parallel making 4 ohm cab


Our Rawson Sparfield 1 x 12 cabinet is for those guitar cab applications where a small portable cabinet is required.


Based upon the WEM 1 x 12 cabinet, the Rawson Sparfield 1 x 12 can be loaded with our Starfinder DG12A chassis speaker.


Power Handling 100 watts. Impedance 8 ohm or 16 ohm

Nigel Banks, guitar tech for The Fratellis, used to work in Chris Hewitt’s music shop from about aged 12?? so in May 2022 he approached Chris for a set of empty Rawson Sparfield 1 x 12s  for Jon Fratelli’s Mesa Boogie set up.


Jon wanted the classic Floyd look for his guitar cabinets.

rawson sparfield fratellis 1 x 12 3.jpg
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